Welcome to Martinez Party of 5!

I am so over the moon excited to FINALLY be making this dream come true! I can not tell you how many HOURS and HOURS have been spent reading, admiring, and drooling over so many other people’s blogs.  I have wanted to have my own forever and we are finally doing it! I say we because this is a joint venture between myself, my husband and my children. I will be the main writer but our plan is for all of us to contribute since we all have great things we want to share.

I hesitated for several reasons, but the main thing that held me back was my very eclectic tastes–when I thought of blogging, there were so many avenues for me to go down–being a wife, being a mother, being a kindergarten teacher, being a Younique presenter, and the list goes on and on.  I thought, “How many people out there will really want to hear about all of those things in one place? For example, won’t I turn off some teachers if they see my makeup tips?  What about single girls or guys who see my posts on juggling being a wife, mom, step-mom, double career woman–will they really be interested? Moreover, what original, fresh, fun, and informative things do I have to share?” Then yesterday, I was driving to some errand I had to run and I heard a Pitbull song–“Messin’ Around” which samples the old REO Speedwagon hit “Take It On The Run,” and I thought, “He always does that–uses some familiar hit in a brand new way to make his songs.”  And guess what? I, along with millions of his fans, love them! I don’t listen and think,  “Oh I have heard the original so I don’t need to hear this.” Instead, my thoughts are usually more like, “Oh my gosh! This is so cool–I love the way he integrated that lyric into this great new song!” So, my intent is for this blog to be a little bit like a Pitbull song–new, cool, and fun but with just a hint of what you might know or connect to in a different way.  Thanks for the opportunity to share our little party with you!



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